Pampered welcome

Casa del Monacone is much more than an accommodation facility: carved out of the convent attached to the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, it has become a hospitality project, managed by the La Paranza Cooperative.

Six rooms with private bathrooms, a large terrace and a communal lounge, cozy rooms that retain an ancient warmth.

La Casa del Monacone is located in the main square of Rione Sanità, just minutes from the historic center of Naples and within walking distance of the many cultural and artistic attractions the neighborhood offers.

Where We Are

We are in the heart of the Sanità District, just a short walk from the Historic Center of Naples. Within minutes you will find Metro lines 1 and 2, the Capodimonte Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.

Casa del Monacone

Via sanità 124, Napoli, 80136, Italy

Catacombs of St. Gennaro

at 1 km

National Archaeological Museum

at 850 m

Museum of Capodimonte

at 1.4 km

Old Town

at 1.7 km

Valuable details

Spaces have been carved out of the old cells, the furniture, paintings and antique tiles restored: ancient and modern coexist in the rooms.